The Birthday Jar

One more birthday post to share with you all. Something that literally popped into my mind the day before Sam's birthday. I was thinking about our quiet family celebrating of birthdays, usually just the 6 of us. Sometimes a friend or two, but usually just us.

Now in truth, I mostly adore our small celebrations. But I'd be lying if I didn't tell you this: It's hard to be so far away from friends and family during these moments. It takes time to meet & make good friends. And (it seems) by then, we've got a piece of paper looking right at us with a list of jobs for the next move. Such is life, at present, but I look forward to the days of settling. For now our roots are shallow and we try to remain easily transplantable…. 

Somehow all of the above rolling around in my mind made me pause for a moment and think of all the people that love my kids. That love our family. From Alaska to New York with many stops in between. So I sent out some emails and requested that anyone wishing to send a message to the birthday boy email me. Each message was handwritten, folded up, and placed into this mason jar. Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts & many, many friends. Some were simple, some funny and a few made my eyes a bit teary. After we opened gifts I presented the jar to Sam. 

He sat and read each one. Sharing some. Others he kept to just himself. A repurposed mason jar full of scraps of paper, costing basically nothing, turned out to be (by far) his most treasured of gifts. And by the looks on the faces of his sisters who both have birthdays in the coming weeks, I do believe we may be starting an annual tradition. 

I am very, very grateful for family & friends. No matter the miles between us, they still  manage to "show up" just at the very moment they are needed.

Thank you.


the birthday jar

14 thoughts on “The Birthday Jar

  1. Wheres the like botton when you need it?? LOL
    So happy he had a wonderful day! WHen Gregg and I are ready to adopt our kids i will for sure be coming to you for some ideas on things lol. Love ya!


  2. What a beautiful gift idea! This is something he can keep forever and ever to remember and go to when he wants a special reminder of just how special and treasured he is! Happy birthday wishes!


  3. Stephinie,
    I did something very similar for my parents years ago for Christmas, where I requested that family and friends send me messages just for them. It was such a big hit! Lovely idea and glad you pulled it off. I am so sorry you are missing extended family. How lucky you are to be a family of 6 to celebrate!


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