just a little excited here…..

linen pants

With a squeal of excitement I would like to give a sneak peek of the newest addition….. there will be linen pants for little ones in the shop by Friday! {and a restocking of the usuals as well}


We’ve had fun naming things in the shop as of late….

Tenderfoot Bag

Terra Sling Bag

Spindrift Quilt

Any suggestions for the linen pants? I am thinking something gypsy or sailor related…. 

You know like, Vagabond Baggies….. maybe?

Leave a comment if you have a fun idea……. 

If we’re inspired by your idea we’ll be sure to say thank you with a little something just for you! 


13 thoughts on “just a little excited here…..

  1. gypsy britches is so cute! i love those yellow ones! going for a sea-related title is a good move too (i was told in an etsy workshop – very hip right now on etsy). wish i had something ingenious! sea-faring pants? rump sacks? down-under overs? oh, i am just getting worse. ; )


  2. Yep, I think Gypsy Britches has to be it. They’re really cute. And, in addition to 6512 getting a gifty for her clever name, we all should too just for agreeing with her! Teehee! Just kidding…bet they’ll sell like hot cakes! Oh, Hot Cakes would be a good name too!


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