Monday Bites ~ Whole Wheat Zucchini Muffins

Monday Bites has returned!

I know a lot of you wander to this space to see what's cooking in our kitchen. I sort of lost my kitchen groove in the heat of the summer. Summer cooking is a whole new thing here in the deep south, something I haven't quite yet mastered. And honestly, we're all pretty happy eating apple slices and almond butter for dinner when it's 98 and humid.

But fall is in the air, even if only in my mind, and I am feeling drawn to the kitchen to bake. Inspired by zucchini (hey, don't laugh), I set out to make a healthy sort of zucchini muffin. One that would pass for breakfast instead of dessert. Not that I haven't considered slathering heaps of cream cheese frosting on these and devouring every little crumb! Recently, my mornings have changed from "mosey to kitchen for coffee with Joe at 6:30" to "up at 5:30 to get high school kid out the door." Packing lunch and making breakfast and such. Anything made in advance in a cute little muffin form that can be both breakfast and a snack for the ever-hungry-eat-something-every-time-he-stops-at-his-locker boy is a winning dual duty food in this house.

I wanted all whole wheat, no sugar, spicy, moist yumminess. After 3 batches of zucchini muffins…. I had just what I wanted…. and after 3 batches of zucchini muffins, the kids were still eating them up. I tend to make a dozen muffins and a small loaf of bread with this recipe. It makes 18-24 muffins depending how full you fill the tins.

Did you know you can mix up muffin batter, pour it in the tins and freeze it? Then on a morning you want an easy snack/breakfast you can just pop the whole frozen thing in a preheated oven. (be sure to cover the muffins in the freezer once they're frozen to prevent freezer burn) And if you ever have not enough batter to fill your muffin tin, you can alternate the batter every other spot to ensure even cooking. Uhm, yes. I am a complete baking nerdy scientist of sorts….. ha!




Whole Wheat Zucchini Muffins

6 TBSP butter

6 TBSP oil (we used olive oil)

 3/4 c honey (or 1 cup dark brown sugar) 

3 eggs 

1/2 c yogurt or sour cream (non dairy is fine)

1/4 c milk (non dairy is fine)

2 C zucchini, shredded (packed down)


1.5 c whole wheat pastry flour

1.5 c whole wheat flour

2 t cinnamon

1 t ginger

1 t salt

1.5 t baking soda

3/4 t baking powder


Preheat oven to 325. Butter/oil baking dishes or use paper liners. {we love these ones} Melt together butter, oil & honey (or brown sugar). Add eggs one at a time mixing well after each. Add yogurt (or sour cream) & milk, mix again. Stir in zucchini & set aside. In a separate bowl whisk together dry ingredients. Add the flour mixture to the wet ingredients and stir until just combined. Fill muffin tins about 2/3 full and bake at 325 for 12-18 minutes. They are done when golden brown and the center springs back when gently pushed on.

For bread, also fill pan 2/3 full and bake 45-60 minutes until golden brown and center is set and springs back.If you're feeding a small tribe, like us, you can double this recipe with good results. 


fresh out of the oven 




10 thoughts on “Monday Bites ~ Whole Wheat Zucchini Muffins

  1. I love Monday Bites, good to see it back. We are about to go and pick a ton of zucchini, so adapting a recipe such as this to be GF will be on the list of things to do in the coming days.


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