If you can’t say something nice….

I'm kind of, sort of tired of looking at this screen.

Do you get this way sometimes?

I've been looking at it for hours, days…. eyeballs glued to the glowing bluish hue. Reading e-books and lesson plans and philosophies of education. 

I think my brain is turning into jello.

All this to follow the gentle simple ways of Waldorf homeschooling….. mixed in with a bit of anti conformist unschooling.

So, as I pull together the rest of the ideas for our fall months of learning, and celebrate a 14 year old boy's birthday…. I am leaving this place. 

I'll see you next Monday for a birthday recap and a long overdue Monday Bites.

What? You thought I was giving up Monday Bites??

Of course not! Now that the heat index is not 120 degrees, I have a whole new love of my kitchen again…..

See you next week!


8 thoughts on “If you can’t say something nice….

  1. 14!?!?!?!?! holy cow! Way to make a lady feel old there steph! LOL Jk!
    Happy 14th Birthday Sam. I hope its a wonderful fun filled day for you :)( add to jar?) lol


  2. I hate the way this screen can gobble up a whole evening for me…and I think “I could have got so much knitting done! Imagine the reading I could have done!” And I go to bed bleary eyed and regretful. And here I am again! Cutting back on how often I post has been a great compromise…enjoy your time being wonderfully productive and present in your LIFE!


  3. I totally agree with you about your new fond love of the kitchen!!! Thank goodness October is around the corner. I look forward to meeting you at the park this week!


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