19 thoughts on “This Moment ~ Reading

  1. what a sweet photo! i loved when my girls started reading to each other. and i see one of our favorite books in your picture . . jamberry! have a wonderful friday


  2. Fantastic photo. Gives me goosebumps. Give them a hug. You are so smart to capture these moments – something I was never good at that.


  3. Very few moments rival this one…when your kids start taking the love of literacy you’ve fostered in them, and running with it! My 18 month old now climbs up so my 5 year old (who is an emergent reader) can tell her a story, using familiar books as his guide. Heart melting, indeed!


  4. I am so happy to see her love of reading take off…. it’s been challenging to sit back and just let her be in charge of it…. but the switch flipped and now she is solo reading very, very often. And several times a week to Lukey for his night time story. So sweet. PS ~ hugs back to you 🙂


  5. My oldest is turing 14 this week, 14?!! TIme is certainly fleeting……
    On another note, I am reading aloud The Wonderful Adventure of Nils to my youngest, and thinking of you quite often as I do. I am sure you would be able to correct my pronunciation on most of the names of the cities! What a wonderful adventure and story though, we are quite enjoying it!


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