I think we’re good?!!

I was reading a post by Nichole where she referred to August as "her February".

As a southern girl (did I really just type that?) I can say "Goodness is she ever right". I know my midwestern pals are going to get a good laugh at that analogy, but seriously guys, it is as hot here as it is cold there. We've got cabin fever and the sniffles from too much central air breathing. We try to get out at night and walk the bike trail, but one can only suffer so many mosquito bites and friendly water snakes in the dark. Ack! Did I mention the over friendly cicada bugs that are the size of birds? It's a jungle out there…..

In the last 4 days my little two have simultaneously had awful cold & fever symptoms, in AUGUST???? Who knew….. the kitchen rations were down to nothing….. my teenager claimed to be wasting away….. (haha Sam)

Monday night, we had oatmeal for dinner. The eldest told his dad "We're having oatmeal for dinner, but we're eating it dry because we're out of water too." Teenage humor…. I love it! 

But today? Today is better. The fridge is full. The sick ones have but a slight sniffle left…. so, I think it's safe to say we're good…. perhaps I should find some wood to knock on.

On a completely different note, you really should check out the autumn edition of Rhythm of Home. Those hard working mamas have put together another amazing and beautiful edition of inspiring goodness. There are several fabulous giveaways on the ROTH blog (including one of my own Tenderfoot Bags). 

You can find a story about our Sugar Sprite Tradition in the celebration section of the Autumn ROTH edition. Heather was generous enough to provide the photography for this piece. (Thanks Heather!)


(above photo by Heather Fontenot)

I have an appointment with a hot cup of tea and the Autumn ROTH this evening…… I can't wait 🙂


11 thoughts on “I think we’re good?!!

  1. The photography was the easy pary, the piece was perfect Stephinie, and we were honored to have it.
    I am a bit late, since my summer was gone with morninging sickenss, but I am just about to sit down and make your vintage patchwork blanket for Autumn picnics 🙂


  2. I’m so done with summer…mosquitoes, humidity, locusts and all…thank you for the mention. 🙂 May cool breezes and low humidity blow in our direction soon! Hang in there and take care.


  3. What’s up with the August sniffles! Both of my boys have horrible runny noses right now. Thanks for letting me know about the new edition of Rhythm of the Home. I love that website!!!


  4. Oh you are speaking my language…… once October is here we’ve got 6 beautiful months of weather ahead! Guess what? Lisadell & I found one another….. what a small world 🙂 I do hope to meet when we head to Lafayette in the next week or so….


  5. It’s no fun! Chicken soup, herbs & vitamin C have done us well here, we are certainly on the mend! I love Rhythm of Home too! Such an amazing mix of creative goodness! Just peeked in at your space and have to say, I love the market bag you made!


  6. I LOVED the viking story….. it is so perfect! I just emailed a link to both my big kids so they can read it during their computer time. Your children are lucky to have such a literature loving mama.


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