He’s Crafty…..

Truly, I can take very little credit for the following photos. Well, actually I can take full credit for the photos, but the on goings within is all that guy I live with. That husband of mine. Elbow deep in clay and gettin' his creative groove on. The handles of the doors in our home and the laundry room are full of bits of clay from the weekend. A dad & his kids. It was a good messy fun. A whole lot of it…..     

crafty man

potters bench

girl at work

his zen



little potter 


pots & such


a peek in the kiln

first batch complete

The last few weeks have been full of clay molding, drying, firing, glazing and more firing. Resulting in our first completed batch of pottery this weekend.  The beautiful handmade potters bench created by Joe has been perfect for throwing pots on the wheel.

He's crafty. I kinda like that.


20 thoughts on “He’s Crafty…..

  1. these photos are gorgeous!
    i love the idea of making pottery.
    this is something i’ve yet to try because i know i’ll love it and, at this point in my life, i can’t afford to have any more crafting….but one day!!!
    i think it’s great that your husband is passing his love on to the kids!


  2. Isn’t it? He did such a great job….. totally a vision in his head that was able to create…. best of all it’s perfect for throwing pots… for the kids especially…


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