working {a sneak peek}


vintage button


Wrapping my brain around a new style bag that's bigger…. reversible…. pockets….. button closure….. vintage buttons of course!

Sew mama sew…….

What's going on in your craft room?


12 thoughts on “working {a sneak peek}

  1. When are you updating the shop? I’m excited to see your creations!! Bags: Can I make a suggestion? Cell Phone pocket on the outside… iPod Pocket & Keys pocket on the inside at top along the rim… I hate digging for the necessities, and I’m sure your other gadget minded shoppers have similar experiences…
    I’m stitching in the ditch…. need a walking foot, thought I had one, but got a new Singer (my Brother Machine and I had a difference of opinion)… and need to buy a walking foot for the new machine..


  2. Noted! lol The new bag has a pocket….. and button closure…. and it’s reversible…. still keeping the sling style without a pocket for now…. I’ll think about the cell phone pocket too….. good ideas 🙂
    Happy quilting mama!


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