getting dirty

So what’s the difference between a mainstream person and one of us sustainable crunchy diy’er types?

We like to get dirty.

I was thinking of this the other day after I hauled this beauty of a chair home. I paid $10 for it at the local junk store…. it was sadly cowering in the corner…. covered with years of garage grime and dust. The once woven seat had been replaced by wood. One of the rungs is mia. It has at least three layers of paint. But look at her curves, isn’t she pretty? And sturdy too…… who doesn’t love a sturdy girl? It’s just the kind of chair a kid can stand on to reach the hidden cookies and jump off of while being a superhero. 

I couldn’t leave her there…..


kinda scrubby


gettin' there 

{a l l     p h o t o s     t a k e n     b y     J o e}


So home she came….. and 45 minutes of scrubbing later she was standing up straighter and even smiling a bit, I just know it. She got some pretty new felt pads on her feet and now she’s sitting at the desk in the girls room. (which I’ll share very soon

I hate using public restrooms….. but I will happily scrub 20 years of grime off a chair, with a smile on my face. I love dirt under my fingernails and stained into the cracks of my hands. I make my own cleaning solutions and cloth diapered and regularly look through other folk’s garbage curb freebies. We make our own flour and bread and pizza and the list goes on and on. I don’t wear shoes 6 months out of the year……

I like to get dirty. I like to feel the earth beneath my feet. The soil in my hands. The wheat berries on the floor…. the smell of chickens makes me smile. I can clean a fish and can’t wait to raise my own meat birds some day. My minivan has hauled farm critters, hay, soil, plywood and gallons upon gallons of paint. 

We like life messy. 

So, a big cheers to all my fellow dirty folks out there! We’re some pretty rockin’ people.


20 thoughts on “getting dirty

  1. Getting dirty has always been my favorite thing to do. Uncle Denny always said I was a dirt magnet. Love the chair and she looks so happy.( I have many of those forgotten treasures around my house and when I see them they always bring a smile with fond memories)


  2. As much as my constantly mud-splattered son makes me sigh, I also am in love with his attraction to the earth.
    I received the bag yesterday and holy moly girl, you are talented! It is gorgeous. Thank you so much, and thanks too for the Patagonia shirt, Rose’ll be donning that next summer in the mountains for sure.


  3. Yes….. totally agree. Mine little ones are always mud spattered too!
    Glad the bag made it and the shirt too…… totally random, I know…. but I think a gal who eats roadkill would appreciate the neurotic humor behind patagonia hand-me-downs…. lol


  4. I, too have a thing for CHAIRS! (and plates) My DH finally said No more chairs! we are running out of room for all these weird chairs. I love the character and lines of a good, wood chair. I have a $10 white (paint peeling) chair I got years ago at a flea market proudly displayed in my living-room. And you know? It is the most used in the room. 😉


  5. That chair has a mate, and it’s in my house. It came from an auction in MN 10 years ago. $8 I think. Mine still has the beautiful weaving on it, and she’s more for gazing at than playing superman off of, but she brings me a lot of joy. Having Steph send you a picture of her.


  6. Don’t you think the peeling paint layers give it a personality? My kitchen table has several pairs of chairs I have found…. and funky old upholstered chairs live throughout my house…. glad to know there are several of us “chair collectors” out there!


  7. I am taking that as a sign that someday I will be back in the midwest…. it may be a lofty dream, but I don’t care! lol
    ps – can’t wait to see a picture of the matching chair!


  8. Mud. Dirt. Play. It could be the reason I’m not with my child’s father. One day looking at a photo of our son, he asked his mom why our child was sitting in a rain puddle. She laughed and said, “That is the difference between you two.”


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