casualties of flour making….

There are wheat berries everywhere.

Under the dishwasher, stove, table, rug…..

In between the toes of the suspect….

"I was just helping mama."  

4 cups of wheat berries make an amazing mess when the grinder flies off the kitchen aid mixer and the tiny little berries fly off with it. Resulting in a very large noise followed by sound of wheat berries spraying the floors and countertops and plopping into the nearby water dish for the dog.

Well, the kitchen floor needed swept anyway……….


oh my, what a mess....

And no one was hurt…..

So we (or more accurately, I) cleaned up….. continued our flour making….. and later on after sitting in my bed reading the little culprit a story, I got up to see wheat berries on it? A quick check revealed they had also made their way into the cuffs of my shorts and pockets too….. oh my…. I do believe we will be finding these around for quite some time…..


16 thoughts on “casualties of flour making….

  1. wow~ what a mess you had! How do you like the attachment though? I have a box full of attachments for mine that were given to me that I just haven’t bothered going through yet. I do a lot of grinding in the vitamixer but would love your feedback for kitchenaid.


  2. 2 days ago, just home after preschool, Teddy decided to take off his sneakers in the living room… off came the shoes and the FIVE POUNDS of sand that had collected in them…. he didn’t mention it to me, and I came in from preparing snack to find a baby and a 3 year old sitting and kicking the sand together… sand EVERYWHERE. Did I mention the freshly folded clothes right next to the new sand pit? Yeah, Goodtimes. I admire your composure to think of taking a picture of it. Those little culprits are saved ONLY BY THIER CUTENESS, eh?


  3. I bought my grinder through Lehmans….. I LOVE it!! Fresh flour is so much better…. a lot more moist than store bought wheat. Some friend sof ours got us grinding our own a few years back…. I grind once every week for our weeks worth of flour and keep it in air tight containers… it works out great! I use a white wheat and a hard red wheat and buy them in bulk….


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