What a week.

I do so much appreciate the kind emails and comments…. thank you.

All is well here… we just had one of those crazy busy weeks. Figuring out high school class schedules… lockers…. bus schedules…… school supplies…. on top of the usual music lessons and scouts and day to day stuff. So many things pulling us in a dozen directions….. but I think we've adjusted…. even to the weekday waking of 5:30. My goodness that's early.

And really, I'm just a sentimental fool. I get all choked up about birthdays after all, so the first day of high school?? My oh my. I do hope not to embarrass my sweet boy, but I swear, just yesterday he looked like this….


mustache boy circa 2000
      the amazing mustache boy ~ circa 2000


And last Wednesday, I drove my 5 foot 9 boy to school and dropped him at the front door. Somehow, I think it's a big "no-no" to walk them in. I gave a wave, drove away and stopped a bit short and snapped this photo. (embarrassing mother of the year, that's me!) No one saw, I promise. I could have cropped it, but I thought you needed the car door in the corner to get the full effect of my motherly craziness.



 freshman ~ 2010


This spring, after 3 years of homeschooling, the Eldest wanted to return to school. We agreed it was a good decision for him….. and while in a perfect world it would be some funky unique charter school…. it isn't. It's the local public high school. With dress codes. A lot of rules. Punky kids. Too much homework. And plenty of good stuff too, I know. Drama club, football games, school dances and more……

I could dig my heels in, but it wouldn't slow any of this down…. in four short years we'll be watching him grin with a cap and gown on. By then, he'll likely be taller than his dad…. and able to hoist me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. And after that he'll be off on his own adventure…. in the meantime we've got the murky waters of "teen" to wade through. Which I hope we can handle with understanding and grace… 

And really, my hope of hopes….. is that in a few short years, when he's off starting his own story…. he takes a minute to send me a post card…. because at some point I'm going to have to stop taking pictures from the car like paparazzi. 


20 thoughts on “freshman

  1. This post made me giggle hysterically (the-sneaky-mom-in-the-car photo) and cry a little. My 5 year old boy tried to lift me up yesterday, grunting and squeezing, and finally gave up. I told him that someday he WILL be able to lift me up, that he’ll be tall like his daddy…and I know for you, the mustache pic just seemed like yesterday. No matter how we try to seize and treasure these small-child moments, they will someday be past. Waaah! But I do look forward to 15, and 25, and seeing all those years to come.
    PS. Your parcel is in the mail!


  2. Oh my goodness, I love this post. This one brought tears to my eyes, and a little bit of buterfiles to my stomach as I know how quickly time truly flies. I happen to be a big believer in public high school, which coming from me probably sounds weird, but I wish him such a wonderful experience ahead. All we can do is give them all of our love, and as you say, just hope that in the end they remember how much we love them.


  3. Thanks….. some days are harder than others…. your recent post on the teenage years totally choked me up…. I was thinking “I’m there…. I’m there right now”….. you have an amazing way with words lady!


  4. Heather, I usually have no issues with public school… it’s what you make of it you know? My oldest two attended before we homeschooled and I volunteered a ton and they both thrived… being involved is key. But after experiencing an awesome charter school in Duluth, MN and wading through the racism & socioeconomic shock of the deep south, I do wish I could send him elsewhere. He’ll thrive, he’ll do fabulous, I know it, but life is so foreign to me (us) here…. it will certainly be a learning adventure for all of us!


  5. Oh how true this post rings with me. My oldest is starting her senior year in college and my second daughter has just graduated high school and on friday we take her to her university. Oh be still my aching heart. I love the fact that you fit the definition of being truly “maternal papparazzi”. He’ll send you a post card or at the very least add you as a friend on facebook. I hope he has a great four years. Be well.


  6. This sure brings make memories and yes there are tears in my eyes. I still get them everytime I say goodbye to the boys.


  7. Hi Gypsy Forest,
    I grew up in central louisiana. I went to public schools there from K-12 and then off to college at UL in Lafayette. I feel your pain for your oldest son entering high school. The education system is a disturbing reality…
    The best and strongest asset your son has going for him is his family. As you send him away to a less than ideal “learning environment” always remember that you are his biggest influence. I would still be in my small town with a small mind if my mother was not the constant supporter of free thought in my childhood.


  8. I was trying so hard to tactfully say that…. where I am at is not a progressive community…. it’s a reality check to hope I instilled enough good stuff in my boy before sending him high school… (I think I did) but at the same time, I need to remember that this ~is~ where I am, and we have to fully embrace it for what it is. (that’s what my inner buddha yells at me anyhow.)
    Thanks for understanding. And I hope to become a mama like yours and encourage my own babes to take flight into the world….. as long as they promise to look back every now and then and give a litle wave 🙂


  9. I kept telling my husband…. I;m not worried about Sam, I’m worried about all the people he may encounter ~sigh~ I do really know in my heart that he needed to take this step and that he will do well. He is a very level headed confident young man…… as far as graduation…. I will deny it until his senior year! lol


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