Shop Update :)

The shop will reopen tomorrow at noon Louisiana (central) time.

There will be some new quilts, new adult bags and new kid bags.

By the end of the month there will also be some linen pants and something for little girls that I’ve been working on…. oh my has pulling my own pattern together been a great deal of work…. fun work mind you, but work just the same.

I’ll be hosting several giveaways this month to celebrate the reopening of the shop. The first one being tomorrow! 

Right now I’d better get back to this last minute sewing and the etsy listings…..


12 thoughts on “Shop Update :)

  1. Hello friend. I’ve just returned home after a very long vacation. congrats on your shop reopening. I’ll head over and have a look. I can’t believe your sweet boy is 4. That happens just too quickly. It is so hot here but not as hot as there. Cool weather is coming tonight with thunderstorms. Let’s hope we can breath a little tomorrow. Be well and I look forward to all of your news.


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