Heat Wave

I think there has been a heat advisory in our area for over a week now.


H E A T     I N D E X  ::  114


u  f  f  d  a    ~    t  h  a  t      i  s      h  o  t. 


Did I mention southern Louisiana is a little humid too?


Thank goodness for central air. And iced coffee.


iced coffee 


1 cup of extra strong coffee (hot)

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream (chocolate or coffee ice cream would also be delicious!)

Ice…. lots and lots of ice.

~Stir the ice cream into the hot coffee until melted. Add ice. Enjoy.


20 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. Oh my goodness that looks dreamy. I’ve never thought of putting ice cream into iced coffee! I will definitely have to try this!


  2. So sorry to hear about the heat there.
    It’s kicking back up here as well.
    We have no central air.
    That recipe sounds wonderful.
    Will have to wait until the morning to try as, as I’d rather not be up all night. 😀


  3. Oh yumm. That picture loos delicious and refreshing! We had such a nice cool breeze kinda break from all the heat and humidity. Had me thinking since we had a rough July, August wouldn’t be so bad, but then again, I think Im wrong, beacuse today it was back to hot and super humid again. Ick!


  4. Soooooo hot…. and today the weather is rumbling with thunderstorms… which will hopefully cool things off. My poor dog however, is hiding under the bed until the thunder stops!


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