Dyeing Play Silks

This was fun. Really, really fun.

Please excuse the after dark inside photography and all that yellow…. I guess you know what one of my favorite colors is now! Yellow walls, yellow gloves, yellow tablecloth….. 


dyeing play silks (1) 

dye powder + citric acid or vinegar + hot water + every container we could find…

dyeing play silks (2) 

The dyeing begins… see the ones in two different bowls? Those are the multi colored silks….

dyeing play silks (3)
This is the look you get from your children when you stand on the kitchen table to photograph them!   


rainbow basket 

The end product…. a basket of rainbows.

We read this at Dharma Trading (a favorite supplies store of ours) to find out how to dye silks. The dyes we used, which are considered low impact dyes, have amazing color! We made some multi colored play silks and solids. The fiber actually soaks up the dye leaving the water nearly clear… which the kids really thought was cool. Of course we spilled some on the vinyl table cloth, but it scrubbed up pretty well with a little dish soap and a sponge. You definitely want to cover the table and wear "art" clothes and gloves while dyeing and rinsing. It was less time consuming and messy than tie dyeing, in my opinion. A very fun project to enjoy with the kids.

There are endless uses for these lovely colorful silks…. everything from dress up to gift wrapping. They make great decorating pieces for your nature table too. And best of all they look so pretty strewn about the floor and house… which is where they all are right now.

I definitely see some more silk dyeing in our future!


6 thoughts on “Dyeing Play Silks

  1. ooh Pretty!!! Looks like it was alot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, there is nothing wrong with yellow lol Its a pretty color ๐Ÿ™‚ Mine is Sage Green. I have it everywhere in my house.


  2. I went in Raelee’s room yesterday a couple of times, 1 time, her golden silk was a dance floor for polly pockets. The next time I went in there, the golden one was a horse arena. Later that night, it was a baby blanket. The smaller ones are diapers at the moment. So much fun!


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