his day

I hope you don't mind just one last birthday post…. 

a few snapshots of Mr. Four's day…..

A lot of creating happened around these parts leading up to the celebration. Some play silks were made. A crown. A sweet birthday shirt. Some very thoughtful gifts from loved ones near and far.

A "black cake with a garbage truck and police car and fire truck", just as requested by the birthday boy, was made and devoured. Chocolate cream cheese frosting. Wow.

We sang Happy Birthday at least a dozen times throughout the day…. much to his enjoyment!

In the days before as I sewed up his party shirt, I was thinking of something special to add to it. When the time came to pick out buttons, I found just the thing. In my stash of "repurpose this" fabric, I have a few shirts from my Great Grandfather who passed away just after Luke's birth. I pulled one of those shirts out and with four little snips of my scissors, I had just the thing for my boy's birthday shirt. A sweet little connection from the past of a man I hold so dear to my heart. 

side by side


air mail 

An air mail gift arrived on our front step from Grammie & Papa. What smart balloons to get from their house to ours.    

birthday table 

The beginnings of his birthday table…


hand dyed silks

Hand dyed silks we made just for him. (more about these tomorrow)


four shirt

His party shirt. 



F  O  U  R  !  !  !


lt & joey

With daddy. (Both sporting mama made threads!)



Wish Making.


16 thoughts on “his day

  1. Happy belated birthday, Mr. 4! Those mama-made threads are so great! I love the style and colours! And what a special idea to add those buttons. And of course the cake looks fantastically yummy too 🙂


  2. I love those pants too…my husband would LOVE a pair! Pattern? Made up? Do share…looks like I’m not the only one interested! Sweet story about his birthday shirt…I love such meaningful repurposing!


  3. Lovin Joey’s pants (xoxoxo I love you Linen xoxoxoxo), Lukey’s shirt and the bunting too… Good Stuff Mama! The cake looks scrumptious!
    Luke would look dashing next to Teddy’s Quilt!


  4. A little of both! I used a drawstring pant as a guide when I made some solstice jammies for my husband…. and then he wanted some capri length lounge shorts… so I made a few tweaks to the original ones and added a patchwork stripe…. they came out really well and linen wears great too! I made shorts for my little guy this same way about 2 years ago…. and he is still wearing them!


  5. I think I am totally addicted to linen 🙂 Notice the matching fabric in Joe’s pants & Lukey’s shirt! LOL PS – Linen pants are on the list to add to the shop during the month of August!


  6. Thank you 🙂 You’ve inspired me to pull a post together about our birthday table…… but we started it inspired by the Waldorf Nature Table… during the days surrounding our children’s birthdays we temporarily set our nature things aside and add small things to it that remind us of them and their birth. It’s a big hit!


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