A {belated} Happy Birth-day

I had this post all planned for Friday, but our internet connection went kapooey (I'm not sure that's a word). So here I sit Sunday evening wondering if I should go ahead and share it…..

Those little walks down memory lane that you all share from time to time are some of my favorite posts… it's like a sneak peek of the photo album on your bookshelf, you know? So here's a peek at mine….

A few snapshots leading up to the fourth (and last) gypsy babe to join our brood…. some sweet memories from the very pregnant moments. My little Sophia who spent the second half of my pregnancy using my belly as her very own personal umbrella. Really.


about 3 weeks before he arrived


just before arrival


The family of six…. who moments ago was just five…. and now could never imagine our family without this new little boy. 

The celebration by the mostly girl brood that a brother had been born.


here he is
 look at all that great hair! 


The way Sophia referred to Luke as "her little rascal" for weeks…..

The sweet daddy's boy he was from the beginning…. four babies and this one was always happiest in the arms of his dad. Still is, in fact.


with daddy

first family of 6 photo
our first family of six photo…. yes I know we're silly  


Oh my how they grow….. and how grateful a mama am I to get one more chance to chase a busy boy… to smell that little boy smell of just rolled on the ground under the tree and put hand soap in his hair goodness. To understand the obsession of all things related to tractors…. how very grateful am I for all of that…..

Happy Birthday to our beautiful boy.


10 thoughts on “A {belated} Happy Birth-day

  1. Oh, ever since my little brother was born into a family of 3 girls, I’ve loved that little boy smell…clean sweat, dirt, sunshine, tractor grease! I dream of one more…to make my children number 4, and picture him pretty much like your newborn boy (who resembles my boy, lots of black hair, wonderfully proportioned face!)…thanks for sharing these intimate, wonderful memories, and happy birthday!


  2. I love memory lane. I think I visit it a little too often so it is lovely to visit yours!
    You know, I think this might be the first time I’ve seen you write their names. I got a smile…my daughter’s middle name is Sofia (different spelling) and my son’s middle name (and for a short time his first name) is Luca.
    How goes it with 4? Is it crazy, wonderful, how do you do it and still look so darn young? (You started early and actually are young, aren’t you, Stephinie? LOL)
    Happy happy,


  3. I guess we both have good taste in names 🙂 Four is crazy! But fun… especially with the frequent moves and lack of family nearby…. it’s so nice to be a big family in those moments….. but other moments it is down right hectic messy fun….
    PS – I did start far to young! LOL the youthful glow was due to pregnancy…. mostly…. but I was only 26 in the picture above (eek) I wouldn’t change it though 🙂


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