Oh we're a busy bunch of folks right now….. getting things ready for a very excited boy who will fall asleep as a three year old and wake up as a four year old. My how time flies…..

A little sneak peek of birthday goodness to come…. Miss Seven's crown was such a hit last year that I sewed one up for my little man too. He knows it will be his birthday when he wakes up and this crown is hanging on his chair at the table….. I think he's expecting last year's birthday cake for breakfast too! 


birthday crown 


Oh I love birthdays 🙂


8 thoughts on “{four}

  1. Me, too. My kids are delighted with their birthday crowns (and alas, they’ve become all-purpose every-day crowns! Such a day of joy for mamas as we remember the day we met our little ones…happy birthday to him, and happy birthing day to YOU!


  2. Happy Birthday to the little man!!! I cant believe he’s 4 already! Sheesh!! Hey btw.. i want a crown!! LOL jk. Love ya!


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