I'm wondering…..

do you also have helpers like these in your house?



I love these moments…. well, mostly…..

I mean, sometimes when the folded laundry starts falling off the side of the bed because the three year old is jumping in the pile or when he starts changing his clothes 14 times as I fold and I don't remember what he had on to begin with… it can get a little hairy…. 

I'm not kidding, that boy of mine really can change his clothes that many times while I fold! Really, really.

But mostly, I love these little helpers…. their constant talk as mama folds…. their occasional assistance… all of it is hopefully storing itself somewhere in my brain as a sweet memory. 

Oh my, how I do love little people.

Especially my very own.


20 thoughts on “helpers

  1. This is such a sweet reminder when my little people are driving me crazy dumping my laundry everywhere or when I hear their incessant chatter. Yes, someday those will be things I long for. So today, I will cherish!


  2. My helpers all have four legs… They don’t unfold the laundry so much as drag it out into the back yard, or if you the pig, add it to your bedding…


  3. Oh yes, I have one little helper who is so helpful. Sometimes, in the thick of the laundry work that I get glimpses of my 4yo self. My young love of burrowing under warm laundry fresh from the dryer and chatting to my mom as I ‘helped’ her. Now I get to make those memories with my son. Good stuff!


  4. Oh thank goodness Sid refrains from this…. that might just put me over the edge 🙂 However the kids would really, really love if their pig cousin came to visit. Sophie says he can sleep in her room!


  5. Me too mama….. it’s the worst…. the one thing you spend hours doing that doesn’t seem to make a difference…. I mean… if you tidy it looks better… laundry is so unfulfilling… well, at least until you’re needing clean undies!!


  6. That warm clean laundry really is the best….. when we lived in WI I used to LOVE putting on clothes warm from the dryer…. and a dryer fluffed blankies are the best for sick or chilled kiddos 🙂 Those “helpers” are too sweet!


  7. It can be so hard to say “Yes” when a little one wants to “help”…wash dishes (i.e. spread suds and water all around!) or cook (i.e. add cherry pits to the pizza dough)…the other day I let my 3 year old use a knife to cut the ends off some beans and she said “This is gweat, mom…I wuv doing stuff!”…such a good lesson to me as a busy mama.


  8. I so agree….. *sigh* I have to remind myself often…. but the rewards of those little reminders are so sweet. Smiling kids covered in laundry… or “helping” in the kitchen 🙂


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