green treefrog 


hanging out

with yellow spots

the end

Did you know Louisiana has a state amphibian? The Green Treefrog. I didn't until I looked up info on this little treefrog…. they are all over right now if you take time to look around… hiding on blades of tall swamp grass… on windows and singing a loud summery song on night time walks through the swamps. 


 What summer creatures are you enjoying in your neck of the woods?

12 thoughts on “treefrog

  1. Id have to say… Skeetos. Grrrrowl… Im saying this as im attempting NOT to scratch the skin off my ankle lol
    I do have to say… those are some CUUUUUUUTE lil frogs!!!!


  2. Great pics. I especially like the 1st one.
    I am enjoying the Quail families & cotton tails of which we have in abundance. Once in awhile I see a roadrunner which I find very interesting. However, I do not like it when they raid the quails. But, that is survival of nature.


  3. The birds right now…because I can enjoy them from the comfort of my airconditioned home instead of outside baking in the miserable heat! 🙂 The only other critters are mosquitoes…I’m not enjoying them so much though.


  4. We have some nesting birds on Lake Champlain. I am 98% sure they are osprey. We have been able to watch the hatchlings grow and change over the last few months. I have tried to get pics but not so easy from a moving boat.


  5. Are these the pics you took when we were out a couple of months ago? WOW!! I love them no matter when you took them. Great composition and bokeh 😉 The color on them is nice too. Good job!


  6. Oh we do love our birds too…. we used to identify them in WI since the bird feeder was right out a window in the living room…. and lots of hungry birds visited us in January!


  7. Amazing shots! Hmmm, lots of bunnies around here this summer. They go scattering away when I go for my early morning walks. Henry’s been enjoying finding cicada shells too and listening for them on hot days. A few pretty butterflies and dragonflies here and there.
    My grandpa used to tell us a joke about a tree toad (toed) when I was little. Makes me think of him.


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