More Remodeling… The Boys Room.

boys room 1 



I know I mentioned the beginning of this room forever ago! And it's been mostly done for awhile, but Joe finished up the last of it…. the stuff that makes me very thankful for his years as an electrician. Replacing all the light switches and receptacles in each room and swapping out the fan (all the bedrooms got new fans like the one in ours). I really love the space he created in the closet. Taking the closet doors off really opened up the room…. and the boys now have some great storage and a small desk to use. We just need to get the boys artwork hung up. It's our weekend goal. The girls room is waiting for a similar closet makeover and then it will be done too! Wait until you see the color those girls of mine picked out.

It might seem sort of funny, and certainly a little "attached"…. but when you move a lot, you sort of rely on a few special decorations that make it home. We have a few pieces of "artwork" we've collected at art shops and thrift shops as we've moved….. the kids may have lived in a dozen houses at this point (okay only 7 or so) but the same stuff follows them. That bear on the floor in the boys room was a gift from their Uncle and reminds them of Alaska… where they consider home to be. We've got fish prints and Alaskan art and rugs from Joe's time in the Middle East…. Joe's Grandfather's old krill… an old ship clock from my Uncle… an old wooden airplane propeller that my dad picked up at a yard sale as a kid… and many beat up tables, chairs and trunks bought at junk shops. Things we've tucked away along this journey. I guess now that my big kids are, well, big… I see their need to set up house. Much like mine & Joe's. To make the house a home. And not just with any stuff mind you, but good old stuff that invokes a whole lot of memories and story telling.

Truly I intended this to be just a remodel post, but I guess I got a little sentimental about the value of creating a family home as I typed πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “More Remodeling… The Boys Room.

  1. Great STUFF!!! The way to make a house a HOME.
    I love the colors you have chosen for the rooms. Can’t wait to see the girl’s colors.
    I got home last night with a head full of WONDERFUL MEMORIES. SOOOO glad I was able to spend quality time with you & beautiful family. Thank you.


  2. It’s great to be able to decorate with items that mean so much! You don’t have to have a lot of stuff around to have a lot of memories!
    Great looking room!


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