Remodeling (yeah!!)

So, getting settled back in is always a challenge for me. It seems to take me a solid week to unpack and in the process we somehow manage to dismantle the house….. so then I pull the house back together….. and because my sweet dear man of a husband usually does some renovating while we’re away…. I had a room to unpack too……

Everything had been emptied out of our room…. including the very old carpet on the floor (woot!). I wonder if you can sense the excitement in my little typed letters on this screen? The taupe carpet and walls were replaced with a glorious deep soft orange and lovely new bamboo floors….. the whole room feels so clean… I absolutely love it. Joe also painted our closet and hung up new shelving and hanging rods. Which is especially lovely because the last ones were homemade, and while I mean no disrespect to the maker of these…. you couldn’t fit a hanger on the hanging bar. You had to sort of tilt the hanger sideways to get in on there.  He replaced the rickety off balance (and hideous) old fan. And while I do wish I had a photo of the room before…. I do not. So you’ll just have to trust that it was drab and dull and in major need of new flooring…. I do however have a photo of my fabric stash “before” storage. Clip together wire shelving which I would cover with an old curtain to keep out the dust……

old fabric storage

Above, you can see the many shades of taupe in the before room…..

perhaps that interfered with any good reasoning I may possess in selecting paint colors….

hence the orange….

do see….

master remodel 1

master remodel 2

master remodel 3

master remodel 4

master remodel 5

Isn’t it lovely? That Joey is a keeper, he really is 🙂 All that is left to do is hang up some items from that cardboard box you see in the corner, our artwork. We haven’t even unpacked it since the move last summer. And you even got a peek at our very much not updated master bathroom….

I spent the days of last week purging and reorganizing fabric and craft supplies, mostly a very enjoyable project. For me and for the receivers of the giveaway pile! All of us fiber lovers love to pet the yarn and fabric in our lives…. and somehow I do think it multiplies when we aren’t looking. The bits of color are so pretty against the orange and though I truly used to grumble about having my “studio” space stuffed into our room…. I am now quite happy with the set up. I mean really, what crafter wouldn’t want to fall asleep looking at that shelf. I see a lot of happy creative dreaming in my future 🙂

~more house updates tomorrow, that Joe was a busy guy while we were away!

30 thoughts on “Remodeling (yeah!!)

  1. Wow! Joe needs to teach mine a few tricks 😉 I love it! That is about the same orange I used for a wall in the toy room recently 🙂


  2. p.s. totally unrelated to this post, I was wondering if you knew the blog “The Leftover Queen”? I have no affiliation whatsoever, it just made me think of you because her July recipe is “Fruits and nuts of the forest kefir ice cream”. You guys make your own kefir, right? Have you ever tried it in ice cream? Just an idea… 🙂


  3. I love looking at that wall….. and drooling a little….. the orange is the only room I picked a bit of a wild color…… but it still flows with the rest of the house. Between the floors and walls our room is so calming…. like sitting in a pumpkin pie…. haha 🙂


  4. I did get the yarn idea from my favorite yarn shop! And my hubby was teasing me about meticulously organizing the fabric…. it was actually pretty fun to do… and I’m hoping it makes those creative moments a bit easier now that I can see everything.


  5. pretty close! lol…. it photographed pretty close to the real color… it’s a deep soft orange for sure…. I blame it on the 2 long cold winters in Duluth…. I guess I needed a warm room 🙂


  6. thanks….. we finally feel like we’re winning the battle with remodeling… we (or I should say Joe) is finished with the wood flooring….. he’s a super hero in my book for sure!


  7. So, so pretty! I am so very jealous! You must have beautiful dreams at night with that as one of the last things you see before drifting off. Well done!


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