Postcards from Alaska ~ From the Top



If you look just past the trees you can see some of Cordova nestled below. Hiking up hills like this and getting out are definitely our favorite. There are so many great trails to explore and despite the bugs and rain we still had many great adventures. The little two are usually in lead at a “mama & grammy need to jog to keep up” sort of pace. And our little guy’s namesake, at the age of 78, accompanied us on several of these. I guess that fresh Alaskan keeps you young? There’s just something about it. Talking & walking together. It’s just good stuff.


{The kids and I (and a box of frozen red salmon) made it safely home. We need a few days to readjust so I’ll be sharing a few more postcards this week….. next week I have lots to share about our house. Two words. Wow Joe.}


6 thoughts on “Postcards from Alaska ~ From the Top

  1. Wine Storeage, right!!! YYiippeee Joe, sounds really cool… love to see more pics, and THANK YOU for the postcard…. love it! xoxoxo miss you,


  2. I am so glad you enjoyed them 🙂 Alaska is really an amazing place to visit…. of course having spent most my life there, I could be a little biased 😉


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