Postcards from Alaska ~ Seashore

alaska shore

Always one of the things I miss the most when I leave. The salty cool breeze and the colors of kelp on rocks. The sound of the seagulls. Did you know where my parents live there are no waves? We’re tucked back away from open water so the ocean is very quiet…. I like that. On a somber note, I look at the shore and hope and pray with all my might that the ocean at home in Louisiana can heal. That it can recover from the spill.  Heavy thoughts for a postcard, I know. But as our vacationing time draws to an end it has been weighing on my mind. Here’s hoping~~~~~

4 thoughts on “Postcards from Alaska ~ Seashore

  1. We’re hoping too. Teddy is so upset about the sealife, I hear him talking about it during play.. breaks my heart….. so much lost, too much to write about… livelihoods! Yikes… glad you’re home, and all is well. Love, T


  2. Here too…there must be hope that our little ones with know the Gulf as we did! Gosh my throat gets all cotton balled up just driving south to visit my inlaws who are near the Florida coast…heartbreaking.
    Happy travels. love your b’ham friends


  3. It is really such an emotional disaster….. especially when we think about the kids and what it will be like for them…. but you are right about the hope…. never give up the hope 🙂


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