Postcards from Alaska ~ Uncle Hank

Uncle Hank

It’s funny as the kids grow and wander off on their own adventures here. A lot of our hikes and walks were just Mom and I and these two. They’ve done a lot of adventuring… a boy and his Uncle. We refer to my parents dog as Uncle Hank…. it started as a joke and it just stuck. It’s especially fun when they get talking about the furry Uncle to people who don’t know he’s a dog. What? Your Uncle growls? And the kids will say “well of course, he’s a dog.” Mom and I loved watching these two run down the trail ahead of us and stop to look at things side by side. 

Big dog. Little boy.

Lots of fun.

5 thoughts on “Postcards from Alaska ~ Uncle Hank

  1. 🙂 Alaska is totally a blast….. it’s our favorite getaway. And of course the red salmon and berries really do just ice the cake of it all 🙂 Bringing home some reds & Alaskan roasted coffee for my hard working man that did not get to make the trip with us!


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