Postcards from Alaska ~ Beach Find

spoon found

I’m telling you, the vintage fairy follows me and drops treasures at my feet every now and then. This spoon was sitting just as you see it above, on the beach. It’s a large old serving spoon.  Perfect to carry home and add to my recent collecting of old flatware. Thank you little fairy, you’ve dropped this treasure into grateful hands 😉


6 thoughts on “Postcards from Alaska ~ Beach Find

  1. I just did a triple take because we have a spoon almost exactly like that-
    I would have written exactly but the first thing I did was jump up and check- not exactly but super similar-
    I found it in a pile of disgarded stuff on the side of the road about ten years ago- we use it almost every night.


  2. Isn’t just odd? I mean it was right smack in the middle of a rocky beac like a seagull plopped it there for me to find… and it was the second time that week we’d walked beach….. so random!


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