Postcards from Alaska ~ A Creek

eccles creek

Dear Friends…..

This is Eccles Creek. The creek flows into the ocean and upstream there is a small Lagoon with houses that can only be driven to at low tide. Otherwise you must walk through a lovely winding trail to get there. No cars are here, it is so quiet. So magical. Like something out of an old storybook. And while I know walking to my house with 4 children and arms full of groceries when the rain is pouring sideways would perhaps not be much fun, at this moment in my mind it seems a perfect place to live…… just perfect.



4 thoughts on “Postcards from Alaska ~ A Creek

  1. WOw! Just beautiful!
    Cordova seems MUCH prettier than Anchorage… Anchorage has its nice spots.. but Cordova just look better all around. Im gonna have to go visit there soon!


  2. Beautiful! Just thinking of that wild silence is very calming, to be in the real thing, with such a fun destination, must be truly delightful. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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