Postcards from Alaska ~ Yarn + Flowers


handmaiden casbah lupine

handmaiden casbah autumn lupine peridot

Always a favorite spot to shop and admire a sea of beautiful colors and textures….  

The Net Loft

Remember last year’s post about this wonderful big little yarn shop? These yarns are all Hand Maiden’s Casbah. The purple hued beauty was hand dyed specially for the Net Loft with colors picked by the owner, Dotty. It’s name is Lupine, and as you can see  looks just like the richly colored flower that is blooming all over right now. Yarn inspired by flowers, how lovely is that? 

I’ve had a wonderful time wandering through the spaces of the Net Loft and chatting with other fiber lovers. Dotty wrote up a beautiful blog post about knitting, a must read for all you hand crafters out there… and you might recognize some photos of our sweet Miss Seven featured in the post. (head on over to read it!)

Happy knitting friends 🙂


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