Postcards from Alaska ~ A Big Pebble

pebble in the round 


pebble 2

Hello there.

Doesn't a knitting project warrant two postcards?? I started this vest in Seattle and knit it up over the following week.  It came out a bit big for Mr Three….. so Miss Seven batted her eyes at me and she's had it on nearly every day since. It's been perfect for the wee bit chilly Alaska summer weather and the deep concentration needed for all the board game tournaments going on around here.

The yarn (from The Net Loft) is a gorgeous aran tweed by Jo Sharp in bark…. dreamy to knit with and so soft on little one's skin. Pattern details were written up by a fellow ravelry'er and are referenced in my ravelry notes.

Happy Knitting Friends!



16 thoughts on “Postcards from Alaska ~ A Big Pebble

  1. OMG its SO SO cute!!! I might have to so ONE MORE pebble vest… I’m already thinking about Halloween (its a sickness, I know)… thinking I need a silver yard to knit up some chain maille for VIKING armor!! Not sure if I need arms yet or not… will decide later… I think the silver chain maille pebble would be super cute, and re-usable for other fun dress-up…


  2. Isn’t it sweet on her?? I just love it… totally quick to knit too. LOVIN’ your Halloween ideas…. I need to get on the ball earlier this year… last minute MAX sewing was a bit crazy…. glad to share the costume sickness with ya 🙂


  3. The directions were great…. but I ended up with a size 6… you may want to cast on closer to 100 stitches in worsted weight to get a 4… good luck 🙂 It is a super fun project to knit up! And so cute!


  4. Oh I love this! I must make one for the boys for their birthdays. I have been eyeing this pattern, and I love you that adapted it for an older child


  5. It’s a really quick knit in the round and those Blues Brother boys of yours would look awfully dashing in them! I can’t take credit for the adaptation…. I found it on ravelry and was very thankful someone else did the hard work of revising the pattern!


  6. The sweater looks great on her. Thanks for the directions in the larger size. I know a little someone who would look so cute in this. So glad you are having a great time. We’re off to Sweden. You’ll hear from me when I get there. Have lots and lots of fun.


  7. Looks wonderful! That colorway has such a nice subtle mix of browns and greens, and it looks so soft. Thanks so much for the tip about the larger pattern mod – I made one last summer that my little one has long since outgrown (stunning how quickly they grown) and have wanted to make a bigger one.


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