Hello from Alaska!

What a crazy week we’ve had. A nasty cold has made it’s way through most of us….. I think germs should know not to bother people on vacation…. it should be a rule.

We made a trip to the E.R. after our sweet Miss Seven was bit by a dog!! I won’t share the picture, but it was bad. My poor girl has two puncture wounds and some nasty bruising on her calf. No stitches were needed and thankfully she was not hurt worse. I was totally impressed by her bravery, she has handled the whole thing very, very well. The best part was when she looked at me in the E.R. room and said “mama, people should not have dogs if they aren’t nice like Sid.” I wholeheartedly agree.

In the midst of all the above, we have had some great adventures too….. and the tide pool, gnome seeking, rock collecting, beach combing adventures have begun. Those walks at low tide are one of the things my kids look forward to the most. They definitely inherited their mama’s love of treasure hunting.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend….. can’t wait to share the knitting project next week!



tide pool


beach boy

hermit crab

searching for gnomes



16 thoughts on “Hello from Alaska!

  1. The pictures are wonderful. Hope that Ms. Seven is healing well. When do the big kids get done with camp? Enjoy the weekend.


  2. She is healing well and now we’re all very much enjoying our vacation…. at present moment the rain is coming down and the kids are eating popcorn and playing with legos….. life is good 😉


  3. The big kids flew in Sunday….. they had an AMAZING time!! Maybe Logan & Sam can go to the highschool one next year???? I think Logan would love the improv stuff Sam did…. really great kids there too!


  4. My little Sophia is healing well and back to her running jumping self. And now we have two full weeks of hiking and adventuring to get in before we head home to Louisiana 🙂


  5. Wowza…… it was a crazy couple of days:( But we aren’t letting it sour our moods…. all is well and we’re heading off into a rainy magical forest to adventure!


  6. Hope your daughter’s dog bites are healing up, brava for her temperment 🙂 Gorgeous pics, love those tidepools! And the colors of that greenish sweater are delightful.


  7. Sophia’s dog bite has healed up really well, we are very grateful for that! The beach photos are always my favorite too…. the Alaska shore has such great colors to admire 🙂


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