I think this is our favorite adventure yet…. a trip with our pals to Vertical World for a climb….. 



brave climber 


going up

climbing down 


Both of the kids really loved climbing….. and they were totally fearless! Not that I was very much surprised by that. They did however find that climbing down was a little trickier than going up… SO much fun!!!


12 thoughts on “climbing

  1. Very fun! We used to do a lot of wall climbing….Eben did a photo shoot for Vertical Endeavors in Canal Park a few years ago…his payment? A years membership to climb and harnesses for all! We had so much fun. We ended up building a rock wall in our garage in NC to play on…and those same rock climbing holds ended up on Stephenie S’s playhouse when we moved here.


  2. We love to climb too. I discovered this sport when my girls were young. It burned up a lot of energy and everyone felt satisfied at the end. It’s so much fun to do. Your little guy is a doll. So cute.


  3. I am so behind on your posts. My reader didn’t update your blog for me immediately. Now I am caught up!
    This one looks fun and your littlest is so cute all geared up! I used to love to climb like this. Took my first class as a kid in Yosemite!


  4. Hey kiddo 🙂 We miss you too….. he climbed at least 15 feet up and would have gone further if we let him! I hope we can find a wall when we all get home to Louisiana…. it was SO much fun!


  5. We’re hoping to find a wall nearby that the whole family can climb at, it would especially be great during those warm summer months when we just don’t get enough outside time.


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