Adventuring in Seattle ~ Alki Beach

The big kids are off on their adventure to camp! 

The little kids & I are hanging out in Seattle for the week with some good friends of ours….. it's always awesome to reconnect with far away pals…. we are so enjoying the weather and outdoor time here in in the city. 

And of course a trip to beach(Alki) is always so much fun….. 

Alki Beach Seattle

Alki Beach Seattle

Alki Beach Seattle

 I'll be popping in throughout the week to share some photos of our city adventuring….


6 thoughts on “Adventuring in Seattle ~ Alki Beach

  1. Ooooh camp! What a wonderful opportunity for the big kids and for you and the little ones to spend time with friends. I am so in love with your header and I can only hope to have a scene like that in my kitchen in a couple of weeks!


  2. The big kids are having a blast 🙂 I am so stoked for them…. they worked hard to save money for the camp and it’s been a dream of theirs for the past few months! I cannot wait to hear all about their adventure!


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