Gardening :: Food & Cool Bugs

The garden is looking so full of delicious things to eat. We've been picking tomatoes daily and tonight we'll be eating our first cucumber and eggplant. Yum!

Joe will certainly have his hands full of care taking and eating from the gardens while we are away.



baby cuke



This is a totally random memory, but I remember eating eggplant the first time at my Great Grandma Turner's house when I was about six years old. I can't remember what she made with it…. or if I even liked it… but I do remember being amazed at the purple vegetable she was going to feed me. 

While tending to the tomatoes I found this HUGE cicada bug. I'd never seen one before…. though I have certainly heard them! They are so loud! It's amazing a little bug can make a noise like that! This one had just molted and was moving really slowly…. I used a stick to move it out of the garden….. for our friend Raelee, a bug enthusiast, who is away in Paris… these pictures are just for you! {We think it is a Superb Green Cicada.}


molting cicada


cicada 2

Isn't it cool looking? I found a cool short video about cicadas life cycle & reproduction on youtube here.

Happy Gardening 😉


9 thoughts on “Gardening :: Food & Cool Bugs

  1. I do not know how I missed 6 blogposts from one of my favorite bloggin gals but I did. Your garden is looking great. My word that is the largest cicada I’ve ever seen and congratulations to Sam. I know it’s hard but they always have the freedom to choose to go back to home schooling too. My Mimi did both throughout high school. One year she was at school , one semeseter she was at home, another year she went back to school. It worked perfect for her. Good luck and have a great trip to Alaska. Sorry for my absence. Missed you.


  2. AWESOME photos, Stephinie! Wow, your tomatoes are gorgeously red already! Can’t wait! My Mr. Two is eating things off the vines he would not eat previously. Hope the same is true when the tomatoes ripen!


  3. I have to wonder if that cicada held so still because it had just molted? It was certainly very tolerant of a camera lens in it’s eyes! I am so glad you enjoyed the Rhythm of Home articles… I was certainly very honored to have my projects in the summer edition 🙂


  4. Isn’t that bug just the coolest!?!? Those little guys are sure fond of eating right out of the garden… last fall I went out to water and found my Mr 3 had eaten the broccoli florets off of all my broccoli….. SUCH a stinker 😉


  5. Very, very awesome! Our tomatoes are tiny, green things, but they are there. The strawberries are ripening and the cucumbers are just forming at the bases of the blossoms. We’re a bit behind you but we’re on our way!
    Your photos just keep getting better and better!


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