The Waldorf Connection

I am very excited to welcome the newest sponsor of Gypsy Forest:

The Waldorf Connection ~ created by Donna Ashton.

After many, many hours spent pouring over curriculum sets when we began homeschooling …. you know the neat little "all in one box" types… our family found Waldorf. It was this total "ah-ha" moment for us. Everything about it resonated within our souls and fit beautifully into our values. 

The next step after finding it however, is living it. Many of us do not have access to Waldorf training in our communities. There are good resources out there…. but so many that wading through them can also be an overwhelming task. For me, this is where The Waldorf Connection was just what I needed. I could listen to a workshop four times if I needed to, and pull something from it each of those times. 

Donna generously offers these classes at no charge and even a 48 hour replay. If you decide to purchase them as downloads, they are very reasonably priced and an excellent resource to have. We have listened to many more than once and on my husband's last business trip I loaded them onto his Ipod :) 

The past series included workshops on several Waldorf "subjects" such as storytelling, science, math & handwork and others. The current series, which just started, is an online EXPO to help you pull things together for the upcoming school year. There are some amazing folks sharing their knowledge in this and I am really looking forward to it. Some well known speakers include Live Education, Sharifa Oppenheimer, Kristie Burns, Shea Darian, A Little Flower Garden and so many more. Wow!


In Donna's own words ::

I feel in love with Waldorf education, as it is education for the whole child. There are so many opportunities to let your child unfold into herself, rather than force academics according to a schedule. It is a very nature-based, rhythmic, and creative approach to learning. What I have learned is that is no one “way” to bring this information to your child, but many options depending on the teacher/parent. This allows for creativity, but also causes challenges in planning and teaching.

I created the Waldorf Connection to be exactly that- a place where homeschooling families can connect to teachers and experts in the Waldorf field. My goal- to bring concrete information to help parents understand the Waldorf concepts and to support the family-run Waldorf entrepreneurs. It is one thing to read a book or curriculum guide. It is another to hear the author explain how to implement the ideas. So many families have expressed how wonderful it is to listen to the workshops. It helps really internalize the information.

The Waldorf Connection was created out a need. I knew I needed it, and I was convinced others needed it too! And, it seems they do. I love the way we can hear concepts explained and ideas reinforced. And we can ask specific questions to clarify our situation.  It helps me make up my mind about curriculum choice and who really resonates with me.  I hope to expand the Waldorf Connection into a "library" of information on Waldorf Education/Homeschooling.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

These workshops are primarily set up for homeschooling families, but they are truly a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in Waldorf education. So head on over to The Waldorf Connection and sign up for the EXPO

Wishing you all a creative and inspiring journey.


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