Kerrville Folk Festival 2010

This is one of those posts where there are so many things running through my mind to tell you I can't imagine where to begin….

It all started with wanting to take my girls to see the Indigo Girls. We were looking at concert dates and found out they were playing at a folk festival about 9 hours away in Texas. The Kerrville Folk Festival

We started researching a bit and the more we read, the more we realized this could be our kind of place. So we decided to make the trip and stay three days…..

Upon arrival to the Kerrville gates we saw a sea of tents and campers and RV's and more tie-dyed sarongs hanging up to shield the sun than you could imagine. Volkswagen buses. Long haired guys and girls with unshaven legs….. all smiling and hooting out "Welcome Home". (this is what they say to everyone as they arrive and many people say it around camp as you meet them)

I look at Joe and say "I might never leave."

The place was packed but some nice guys at Camp Lethargy squeezed us in. We were soon chatting with our tent neighbors like old friends. Most of them have been coming to this event for as  long as they could remember. Joe met a guy that had his great grandson in tow and had been coming for over 30 years. (this was the fest's 39th year) So many folks we enjoyed visiting with that left me saying to Joe "These are our people!"

Now some of you might want to run…. but I've always known I was born a few decades too late. Joe too. I didn't think places like this existed anymore. The energy of this place was amazing. All these people come from all over and get together to play music, listen to music, chase kids and visit with one another. Everyone is friendly. Everyone keeps a watchful eye over the kids. The kids don't even bother asking each other's names or ages…. they just run and play. 

The stage area is a mix of benches and lawn. The parents with young kids tend to sit in the back so they can let the kids run & play while they enjoy the amazing live music. They serve vegetarian pizza and drinks if you brought your own cup, a bottle of wine for $15. There hula hoop dancers and craft booths and henna tattoos. Free water coolers all over to fill up your water bottle. A beautiful river near by to cool off in. A covered area with kid friendly activities and a sandbox and toys for the kids.

There are concerts throughout the day and then around campfires music is played all—night—long! If you wake up at 3 am to stumble to the outhouse, you can stop at a campfire on the way back to your sleeping bag and listen to some of the best music your ears will ever hear. The nights are cool and bug free and many folks stay up all night long jamming or listening and sleep during the day. Of course I'd like to add that the music is acoustic and the folks considerate so tired babes are able to sleep right through all of this πŸ™‚

It was hot. There were big spiders. (TARANTULAS!!) And we never wanted to leave. None of us. After the second day the kids were asking us "We're coming back next year, right?"


at camp 




most of us 


wine & music

free bird 






The Indigo Girls 


after 8 hours in the car
             After 8 hours of riding in the car!


The people, the music and of course watching my kids belt out the lyrics to their favorite songs right along with Emily & Amy, who by the way are AMAZING live, are memories to last a lifetime. An adventure that I am so grateful to have enjoyed as a family.

On the morning of the fourth day as we packed up the camp site and the kids new pals called out to them "see you next year!" I thought to myself….. I get it…. Welcome Home

Kerville, I think we're in love!


14 thoughts on “Kerrville Folk Festival 2010

  1. Sounds amazing! Glad you had such a wonderful time. πŸ™‚ Howd miss 11 like her henna tat? Makin her want a real one? LOL. That could be a start of something. hehehe. ( Speaking from experience… as i have 7 tats now )
    Hope its not too hot down there for ya. It was between 75 and 83 all Memorial weekend here in Anchorage.. Super hot but super nice.


  2. Love it Steph! Can’t wait to see more pics, and hear all the stories.
    It reminds me a lot of the Bellingham music festivals, I’ll check the calendar to see if there is one while you guys are here…
    Glad you had such an amazing time!


  3. Sounds WONDERFUL. So glad you were able to go & enjoy such a great experience. Thank you for sharing.


  4. That sounds like such an awesome time!! I know exactly what you mean. We have gone to some folk fests and it is just like a neighborhood of tents full of friendly people and good music. Year after year you run into some of the same people and it is something to look forward to each year. Your jam looks good.


  5. Hopefully no tattoo dreaming yet πŸ™‚ Though Joe & I both have one…. so I wouldn’t be too surprised! Texas was over 90 and Louisiana is in the 80’s & SO HUMID!! We can’t wait to head north!


  6. I think the camping aspect made it even better…. I hadn’t thought of that before. But when everyone hangs out around the campfires singing and playing music it is just so fun! Simply amazing πŸ™‚


  7. we ventured to a festival last year, and the night time for the little one was so stressful it was just not worth it. but this – this gives me hope for the future!!!


  8. Kendra – I have so been there! We’re just now feeling mobile with the kids this way…. of course camping in a pop trailer or something would probably be fine with a little one. But we’re tent dwellers around here, so we’ve put this thing off for a long time. It will be sweet bliss when you get there πŸ™‚


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