knitting and a road trip!

I've been knitting……

We're headed to cool Alaskan summer weather in a few weeks and new hats are in order 🙂

First up is the super cute Stature hat I found over at Petite Purls. Knit with Brown Sheep cotton fleece yarn.


My big two kids are going on a solo adventure…. no parents…. no family…. to a Fine Arts Camp. TWO weeks without their mom, whatever will they do?? 

Yes, I know, they'll have an amazing time. And while honestly it really kills me a little to know I won't see the end of camp performance…. I am so happy that they get to enjoy this amazing opportunity.

But, they certainly needed hand knits to keep their heads warm…. to look cool…. and to take a little piece of mama love with them…. (okay maybe that last one was what I needed)

The Eldest's seed stitch hat from Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders knit up in a superwash merino yarn he picked out from the Net Loft. (Cascade Yarns)

seed stitch 1

seed stitch 2 


A funky bulky beret for my artsy girl. It's a tam/beret sort of hat. Super quick and easy and my girl has been twisting her hair up into a bun and tucking it under that hat and looking far to grown up…. this one was knit up with two strands of Pure Wool Giotto uruguay single ply. (pattern here) My changes can be found in my Ravelry notes.

bulky beret 1 



And right now I'd better get moving….. there's a huuuuuuuuge list of "to-do's" staring at me to get ready for our weekend road trip camping extravaganza. An eight hour drive to Texas to go to the Kerville Folk Festival. The Indigo girls are playing, along with a ton of other super talented folks that I can't wait to listen to. Four full days of sun and music and food….. yeah-hoo!!

kerrville folk fest

See you next week!


14 thoughts on “knitting and a road trip!

  1. I love Indigo Girls! Sigh….takes me back to very happy moments in college. So excited for you. Envious of Alaska as that is where my best friend lives (although she is here right now, very pregnant, so I can’t complain) and excited for your kids’ camp!
    ps. CUTE CUTE CUTE hats! Is knitting new to you?


  2. We love them too! ANd let me tell you they are AMAZING live….
    PS – knitting isn’t too new…. just takes a backseat to sewing and unfortunately is less utilitarian here in the south…. not a lot of hat wearing days down here 😉


  3. Nope. A balmy 65 if we’re lucky…. but that is paradise compared to 90 degrees and 99% humidity….. phew! Where did you go up there? We’ve lived in Anchorage, Cordova & Sitka. Loved the second two of those 🙂


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