Mango Mint Margaritas

mango mint margaritas


I had planned to share these next week for a long overdue Monday Bites recipe…..

But somehow these margaritas just seem more like a weekend sort of thing….

so even though it probably isn't hot & muggy at your place…. it is at ours.

So pretend it's summer and enjoy…..



Mango Mint Margaritas

2-3 shots Tequila

1 shot Triple Sec

1/4 cup lime-aid (the frozen concentrate)

a splash or two of lime juice (optional, but worth it!)

1 ripe mango peeled & de-seeded

1 big hand full of garden fresh mint (1-2 big sprigs of it)

ice to top off blender

Toss everything in the blender. Blend. Add a bit of water if the margaritas are too stiff. Makes a blender full.  Maybe with enough mint it could even count as a green smoothie?? Okay, maybe not….

I served mine to the hubby in a salted mason jar…. it seemed somehow fitting for southern margaritas.

Don't you think?

Happy Weekend my friends πŸ˜‰


mason jar

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