a busy bunch

open mouth…

bite off huge chunk….

attempt to chew.

Yep, that's the way it goes sometimes.  And this is just one of those times. Lots going on. All good stuff mind you, but lots none the less. As I look back over the last several summers I notice I do this every year before going to visit my mom. Re-organize. Clean. Sew. Knit. Re-organize some more. 

And truthfully, part of it is the heat that is looking us square in the eyes. When we get home in July it will be inside weather and I want the house to be ready for us. 

So the craft closet has been reorganized….. and my closet…. and my sewing stash…. and my knitting stash… and the rather droll list goes on and on…..

but today I wanted to share some the fabulous beeswax creations made by the girls…. you see when you clean out the craft cupboard you find things that were hiding….. 


little wax figures

mama & baby

peapod baby gnome

Did you notice the mama with the beehive hairdo carrying her baby on her back….. love it! That last one is a "baby peapod gnome". The girls were busy for quite sometime modeling. Note to self :: Modeling is more fun in warm weather when the wax is easily pliable, as opposed to winter in WI. Who knew?

As for me I've been sewing clothes, repairing our camp chairs…. and I picked up two road side chairs that I plan to fix for our patio. Anyone else pick up other people's garbage? Fortunately my husband is a good sport about my hobby…. and better still my hurky teenage son is happy to help lug the stuff to the car…

So, have you ever repaired those fold up camp chairs? Ours had holes and one a giant rip….. every time you sat it got a little bigger…. so I figure I could sort of put a giant patch over them…. 

Step one, disassemble…


there are usually screws hiding under the arms and on the back…. this chair had 4 total…

remove here

then you need to zigzag stitch over every little rip, tear and  campfire burn….

patch it

most importantly while still in the process of fixing the above chairs, you must find at least two road side chairs in need of new seats…. 

road side find

and last, but not least, let your teenage son sew scraps or nothingness with the serger while you sew a dress. I know, I was repairing chairs… but I got distracted…. those teenagers are really, truly a funny bunch….. somehow strangely familiarly to me… hmmmm…..


slightly sarcastic candid shot by dad, optional. And yes, my boy is really dwarfing me as this photo shows… he's at least 6 or 7 inches taller than his mama. (5 foot 9 Grandma!)

Stay tuned for finished chair projects!! 


9 thoughts on “a busy bunch

  1. I am a dumpster diver to the core. Yes I often stop and rummage through trash. Patrick starts whistling the tune to Sanford and Son. He tells the boys that Mama is on her Sanford Adventure again.


  2. Goodness he is tall!!! Thats ok though.. they tend to do that. I just remember holding him as a baby… and now look at him lol.
    Looks like youre a busy busy momma. When are you going to be up here? Are you stopping in Anchorage for any ammount of time? Let me know šŸ™‚ Love ya girl!


  3. Aren’t they great?? I’ve got three of four repaired….. hope to do the last over the weekend! The camp chairs will be much needed on our road trip at the end of the month…. we’re heading to a folk festival in TX šŸ™‚


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