field trip (sort of)

Years ago when we decided to start homeschooling I asked a seasoned friend for some advice…..

this last week I realized the importance of one piece of that advice :

"When everything is going wrong, drop everything and get out of the house. Call it a field trip if necessary, but pack everyone up and go."

We recently had one of those days. Nothing was going right. Despite my best of intentions, by 9:30 I really only liked the Eldest and that's because he was still asleep. Loved all of them, mind you. But like, well sometimes like is tough. 

That little tidbit of advice magically made it to my brain…… and even more magically still, my brain decided it was the best course of action. And so, I woke up the Eldest. Wrangled the other lovelies to the car. And set off with my camera and a big cup of coffee. If I could take pictures while driving you could all see the looks on my children's faces as we pulled into the donut shop. Oh yes. Donuts. Some sort of ultra-refined soaked in hydrogenated oil sort of food I'm sure. But our town has a rockin' little mom & pop's sort of place that sells fresh homemade donuts. Only until 10 a.m. We walked in at 9:55 and they were still smiling at customers. Each kid picked a donut and we set of to the beach. Nutritionally speaking, I had completely voided the green smoothies I had fed them for breakfast…. but at least they had some room to run off all that sugar.




mama fuel

swamp trees 



And you know, somehow the change of scenery and the fresh outdoors made us all feel a little better. Of course if you ask my kids, they will tell you it was the donuts.

Happy Weekend Folks….. 


16 thoughts on “field trip (sort of)

  1. Great piece of wisdom! I used it (without knowing it) last weekend. It took me a bit longer to get the kids dressed but we got out and stayed out all day. It really made a difference in not only MY perspective, but theirs!
    Glad you all are enjoying the day! 😀


  2. I was just re-reading a post of mine from last Spring when I shared that my dear friend’s advice was to “just add water.” Friends are so wise! I agree with you, though. As kids get older, getting out of the house can be the best ticket to peace. Your field trip looks sunshine sweet!


  3. Woo hoo! On a somber note, I ran over a poor helpless armadillo the other night and immediately wondered if he was edible…. somehow that is definitely your fault.


  4. Water, yes! We just purchased a big galvanized tub for boats and water play on the patio. Getting ready to re-arrange the patio to make a little nook for this 🙂


  5. Fresh air does wonders. Thank you for the inspiration. I am on the beginning of my homeschool journey and wonder if I can do it. If Donuts and coffee is involved I think I am in.


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