seeing green

water, water, weed, water…..

banana pepper 

 banana pepper


It's been the morning routine. Little blossoms have shown their faces and now we're starting to be extra nerdy around these parts….. by we I mean mostly me. This garden has become a near obsession. Every little bit of it gets checked over daily by many sets of eyes. Checking for bugs and anything else less that might damage our green little lovelies. Seriously, it is an obsession. I can tell you how many leaves are on each of the eggplants I nourished back to health. The approximate amount of days it takes for a flower on my roma tomato to show fruit. I have been watching ladybugs grow from larvae to pupa to adult. 

I'm loving it.


 roma tomatoes





I have checked out nearly every book on gardening from my library. {And can I just say that I adore my library? It may not have the selection I was spoiled with in Duluth, but I can search for and request books online and have a pile of books waiting for me. I love it. And the ladies that work there are ever so sweet.} I just picked up a 1970's gardening book titled Grow It, and though I've just read the first few pages, I am definitely digging it. First of all, it's from the 70's….. which makes it awesome….. secondly the first few words both resonated with me and had me laughing out loud….

"Perhaps not since the fall of Babylon have so many city dwellers wanted to "return" to the country without ever having been there in the first place. For the first time, the new generation reverses youth's traditional flow toward the city in search of opportunity. A cry of "back to the soil, back to real life" leads the exodus."  ~Richard W. Langer, Grow It 1972

Does that sound a bit familiar to anyone else? I figure either I missed my era, which is likely, or there is possibly, hopefully, a resurgence of these people?? These back-to-the-land-ers. People happy to trade a Starbuck's latte for squishing aphids.  People wanting to clean a chicken coop. Or at least grow a ton of food in their own back yard. 

I mean, you are out there right? 'Cause darn it I'm going to need to find myself some good neighbors in a few short years! 

eggplant blossom

eggplant blossom


I love the science involved in mixing up dirt, foliar feeding, pinching off suckers, fertilizing…… good bugs…. bad bugs…. all of that. Watching that first eggplant blossom bloom and being awed at it's beautiful purple color….. I hadn't ever seen an eggplant in the garden! I love watching my wild three year old gently search for tomatoes among the leaves….. and then get his foliar spray bottle and shoot the plants. My girls are growing herbs to attract fairies and making up recipes for teas to try. The eldest plucking weeds and checking for bugs and reminding the mama to water. It's been such a great hobby for our family to take up. 


more little figs are growing


So if it's just planting season now where you are, and you're sitting on the fence about giving it a try. Just do it. Buy some tomatoes & herbs. Some sort of fruit tree if you have room. Farmer's Markets often have organic seedlings to sell this time of year! Start small or jump in. But do it. You'll thank me later :) 


14 thoughts on “seeing green

  1. Awesome Steph!!! I love the variety of stuff you planted. I am in awe of everywhere you found space to plant. I have to be careful b/c my dog likes to dig still. I’m just starting to see fun stuff in my garden which means I’ll miss most of it while in Paris. It breaks my heart. Oh well, Todd will have fun with it. I’ll just remember not to vacation the first month in June


  2. Oh, it’s not nerdy…it’s just complete utter appreciation and awareness for something awesome. And yes we are out here, the ones just as crazy about growing our own food as you. That quote is great. It leaves me wondering is there a pull to the land at all times, whatever era, in those who are tuned into it?


  3. What a great garden!!!! You aren’t nerdy at all. Growing your own food is the greatest thing on the planet, not that I’m biased or anything. The farmer’s have a bumper crop of strawberries in. It’s time to make jam. Happy Gardening.


  4. Yes! Strawberry season is almost done here. We’ve processed 9 flats! 70 jars of jam and several gallons of frozen berries. I posted my recipe, it came out awesome! Look in the recipe section for it…..


  5. It is a fertilizer spray….. we use Neptune’s Harvest. It’s a seaweed fish blend that is rich in nitrogen and organic too. Plants can get nutrients from the soil and also from spraying their leaves πŸ™‚


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