Outside with Sid

Our dog, Sid. No, his foot isn't cold…… 




Just as we sat down to eat last night…. at 7 pm {ahem}

We heard a yelp. A big one too…..

I run from the table to find our dog, Sid, licking his foot and obviously in pain….

then I see the blood….

I ask one of the big kids to hold the pooch and run out to the patio and backyard quite certain to find some broken glass…..

more blood! eek! 

No glass.

I run back in….

scoot the little ones back to the table and upon further investigation find that our poor pooch had broken his toenail.

It was nearly sticking out sideways.

I know you're cringing right now. Sorry.

So Miss 11  kept the littles at the table and the eldest and I coaxed the pooch into the tub to clean up his foot and get a look at the damage. After calling Joe to get a second opinion (he's still away from home), I decide to wait until morning to take him to the vet. I bandage him up…. and he sleeps at the foot of Miss Seven's bed. Getting lots of extra attention.

This morning I left the eldest in charge of the troop and run the dog over to vet.

I save a turtle in the road on the way there. I stick him in the car  because I have no time to put him back in the swamp.

The vet takes one look and says they need to clip the tonail off at the bed of the nail, and give him some gas anesthesia so he will be comfortable during the procedure. Ouch. She said it would take 20 minutes or so. 

For anyone who is not familiar with the energy of a Springer Spaniel, even an 8 year old one, and the effects of "laughing gas", I will tell you this. It's like feeding a squirrel a gallon of espresso. Good Times.

30 minutes later I walk out with a very strung out bandaged dog (they had to cut the whole toenail off!), minus $123 dollars and a small turtle in my car. Poor Sid was full of energy and falling over himself as if he had one (or six) too many beers…. all I could do is laugh. 

Get home.

Release turtle.

Give Sid antibiotics and pain meds.

Feed ravenous children a green smoothie.

Change dog's bandage.

Change it again.

Decide to forgo bandage and tie a sock on the dog's foot.

Pour a second cup of coffee and look at the clock – – – 9:57 a.m.



Sid is doing just fine and our vet says the toenail should grow back in the next few weeks. Miss Seven has made him a "get well" card and fed him at least eight dog treats. So, I think his suffering is pretty minimal.


25 thoughts on “Outside with Sid

  1. AWWWW Poor Sid!!
    Btw i totally know what youre sayin about the springer spaniels and the drugs LOL!! Toby had many surgeries. Man, i miss that little stump of a tail wigglin his whole body lol.
    Im glad Sid is doing well. Give him an extra treat from me please 😀
    Also, goood job on saving the turtle!!


  2. Oh my! And you lived to tell the tale. Lucky Sid to have such a loving family! So much to deal with especially with the Dada out of town. Take care.


  3. All that before 10 a.m.Wow!!!! As I was reading your post thoughts of All Creatures Great and Small came to mind, but the Louisana version. So glad Sid is doing better and that the turtle has found a safe new home. Be well!


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