Did you know it's TV Turnoff week?

I found something about it here.

Since we don't have a tv, we're limiting our time on this. {computer}

30 minutes for the kids. An hour for the mama.

Wanted to share an outside picture of the kids hand washing newly thrifted patio ware – aka – vintage melamine out on the patio. We were tickled to find these as they are the perfect nonbreakable snack time plates 🙂 I'll be sharing an outside picture every day this week 🙂


hand washing


Water+soap = fun

time is a ticking…. gotta run!

Happy Monday 🙂

6 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Oh, water/soap fun can be so so fun. Especially in some nice warmish sunny weather! Yay for no tv’s, although, I wonder if the people who don’t have tvs are the one’s most likely to know or be willing to do it. Hmmmm.. It’s so nice to kow there are so many tv less families out there.


  2. That is so funny! I didn’t know about TV turn off week being now, but I was just writing a post about my TV. We have one, but no TV reception. Our kids don’t watch even movies (although I admit, this week, my 5 year old asked for a DVD at the library, I said sure, figuring she would reject it as usual, but she watched it), we occasionally use it for movies (husband and me), and I have been thinking to get rid of it!


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