One Small Change – April

Wow. How did it get to be April so soon??

And nearly midway through too??

Our hanging the laundry out change from last month has gone really well. We reduced our utility bill too! And speaking of utilities…. even though it's been a balmy 78 degrees indoors the bast few days were avoiding turing the AC on as long as we can. The fans are on and the windows are open to keep everything cool for now. 

April's One Small Change is a two part one. First, we're going to grow as much food as we can in our own back yard. Second we are going to visit the Farmer's Market every other week (it's 45 minutes away) to get as much local produce as we can. (prior months changes : January, February & March)

We've got quite the selection of food going on around here…. by far the most we've ever grown. We haven't had much of a garden since we lived in Cape Cod years ago…. a few tomatoes and peas here and there….. but nothing like we've been trying to get started here. Other then tomatoes and peas, I have no idea what I'm doing in the garden! I love it, but am clueless. So along with two friends and Miss 11, we took two classes offered by an organic farm about an hour and a half from our town. It was totally worth the drive and I learned so much. I am hoping to share some little bits and pieces of what works as the garden grows.

As for now, we're finishing up the stages of seedlings and planting. Each Gypsy kid helped to build their own raised garden bed and plant it. They each got a 2×3 box and picked herbs and veggies to plant in it. We've replanted our 5×5 family garden in the backyard. We've planted 3 trees, 10 berry bushes and a strawberry patch. A fig, satsuma, lemon tree, blackberry & raspberry bushes. We've got several pots full off veggies too. And we're trying to grow a sunflower house too!

And then around the yard in the garden there is a lot going on ……..

scarlet runner beans, cucumbers, squash, melon, peas, gourds, kale, radish, beets, lettuce, carrots, rosemary, mint, grapes, sage, parsley, basil, dill, calendula, lavender, dragon beans, rhubarb, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, poppies, lemon balm, cabbage, lovage and probably some other things that I can't remember right now. Phew! 

We decided to use our yard as gardening space the next 2 summers and then we'll put flowers in the seasonal beds before we sell the house. Just some annuals in case the next person wants to garden too!

My biggest hope out of all of this is planting a seed of sustainability in the hearts of my children. I want them to have that connection to their food. The desire to take care of a garden or at least a few plants that will feed them. Seeing my little ones chanting "grow seeds, grow" to their gardens after the seeds were planted, and then celebrating when they sprouted was beautiful!

And now I'll stop talking (typing) and show you some pictures of the Gypsy homestead beginnings….


herbs from last summer coming back and looking lush….


new sage 


grapes that need some twine in their life…..


kids gardens
kid's garden beds


 strawberry patch
strawberry patch and 3 dahlias


old sliding glass doors make a great greenhouse!




satsuma blossom
satsuma blossom – they smell heavenly!!!


fruit trees
our three fruit trees


radish seedlings


mama's garden
mama's garden


   Here's to growing your own folks!


21 thoughts on “One Small Change – April

  1. So inspiring! I’ve had to do container gardening for the past few years since we’ve been moving around. I cannot wait until we’re in a place where I can plant everything I’d like to.
    We always do tomatoes and peppers. Looks like things are growing well for you. I like the use of those sliding glass doors!


  2. I started lettuce varieties in the greenhouse almost a month ago. They’ll be ready to eat in another week! So excited about my first greenhouse season! Have fun!


  3. awesome variety of stuff! and probably one of the best things you could teach your kids! they will definitely remember this experience.


  4. OH hello! Just found your blog and realised you did one small change as well! Looks great – I love your kids garden beds and also your strawb patch – i just put a heap in hanging baskets as the bugs get most of ours but your raised beds look good too. Love the pics and the limiting computer and the hermit crab race and i suspect all of it…
    i’ll be back!


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