at the sea

We visited Grand Isle, the Gulf of Mexico, last week.

My southern pal took us there.

It was really just the day we all needed.

A picnic.

Cold water.

A very lazy day in the sun.

It was a weekday and the beach was very quiet…..

so the mamas enjoyed the sun and talked while keeping an eye on the kids.


the girls
the girls 


run baby run
running to the water


little fish
the fearless little fish


tiny seashells


sandy toes
sandy toes


ladybug at the beach




on the rocks
all the out to the rocks…..




Hope your finding some sunshine to bask in…. 


6 thoughts on “at the sea

  1. The ocean is so restorative, isn’t it? Thank you for sending some of your sun our way. It disappeared for awhile and I was missing it!
    ps. I just clicked on your Inspiring header link. I am humbled and touched to be included. Thank you very much, Stephinie!


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