I know I keep that ever changing list of the books we're reading over there on the side bar….. but I thought I would share a few that have been much loved as of late.

Firstly, we are loving audio books around here. I do believe there are some hypnotic powers behind the Frog & Toad and Mouse Tales collections. My children sit and listen and laugh and LOVE the stories. I am especially fond of being able to download these online!

At least once a day I have come in to the music room to see a scene like this…. Miss Seven curled up and lost in a story…… (in her cape and hat, I love it!)



We've listened to Pippi, Little House in the Big Woods, Roald Dahl, Frog & Toad, Winnie the Pooh and Mouse Tales.  All courtesy of the local library! Translates to – – Free! Mr. Three has fallen in love with the Frog & Toad and Mouse Soup series and we have been reading the books at night to both the younger two. This is perfect reading for Miss Seven too….. and there is this whole nostalgic thing for me since I read these as a kid. We're on the search for Little Bear audios next!

We often read picture books to both kids and then a chapter book to Miss Seven. The oldest two kids and Joe & I all take turn reading to her….. this works out great in many ways. Firstly, my oldest two practice reading aloud and storytelling….. secondly we all read the book. Or at least parts of it…. so it makes for good conversation around here. Anything by Kate DiCamillo is always a favorite!


reading with daddy

We just started Seven Year Wonder this week and it looks like a good one…. 


Any good reads at your place??


10 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Mouse Soup has always been a favorite hear. We still love audio books and listen to them constantly. Currently we are reading Gone Away Lake which is a big hit over here. Thanks for sharing your bookshelf with us. There is some great stuff on it. I really like reading about the Seven Year Wonder. sounds fun. Happy Reading.


  2. Eben loves any books on animals, especially with pictures. There are so many that we have.
    I can’t wait until he is into chapter books, I love to read with him.


  3. Freecycle freebie we picked up in Superior, I helped a bit but Joe mostly recovered it himself…. upholstery clearnace fabric from Hancock. I have a stuffed rocker I hope to get to some time….. fun stuff 🙂


  4. We are reading the whole Little House series. The Little Bear series is another that we love (seeing you mention Frog and Toad and Mouse Tales made me think of that). Audio books are a big hit at our house too. I have a ton of books on cassette from my teaching materials and we enjoy them just about every day. They are a perfect precursor to nap time!


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