WIP – Spring Clothes!!


We seem to be having a spring theme this week…..

My WIP has been sewing some spring kid clothes….

It all started last summer with these pants::


elephant pants 

The elephant pants… as you can see they are now capris! These were made in a rush just before last years trip to Grandma's. Sewn from the bottom half of a pair of curtains. Mr Three adores these….. and they have really held up…. and with an elastic waist the ease of going to the bathroom without help quickly made these a favorite. Then they turned into the only pair he wanted to wear. You know, that determined 3 year old "I will only wear these ones!" kind of favorite. (these are based on a Burda pattern, #9828)

So the mama had to get sewing. 

A khaki colored linen pair was sewn up…… picking out the pocket is his favorite part…..


linen pants 



And then some go with everything plaid ones……..


plaid pants

lemon blossoms

   I can't decide what's cuter….. the pants or those little feet šŸ™‚


linen pants

the "tag"

These pants have a definite front and back, so I sewed a little ribbon loop on the back for him. "This part goes on my butt!" he tells me….. and finally figuring out the right order in which to sew the pants so I can serger and top seam them made me feel pretty darn smart šŸ™‚   

*Just in case you are wondering, first you sew the front pieces together (serge & top seam) then the back pieces (serge & top seam) then sew the inside from ankle to ankle… pinning the intersecting seams at the crotch to make sure they match up (serge & top seam) and lastly sew up the sides from waist to ankle (serge & top seam). This order lets you get to everything to top seam and you don't end up with funky curves that are a pain to sew.*


wip for the girlies

In progress are some linen gauchos for Miss Eleven and a dress for Miss Seven…….

Happy Spring Sewing :)   


22 thoughts on “WIP – Spring Clothes!!

  1. wow, those are all amazing! great work and they look sooooo comfy, can’t wait to see the gauchos and dress! can i have a pair too, pleeeease?!


  2. The pants or the toes or that cute little boy? I vote for that cute little boy. Have you thought about making that outfit to fit me as PJs?
    Hope life is treating you well.


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