WIP – The Remodeling Continues…..

Work in Progress. I think this is a good day to post craft stuff AND house stuff!

Ahhhh  yes…. remodeling. Remember that thing??

Next on the remodel list was the boy's room. No reason in particular…. it just happens to be the first room as you head down the hall….. and truthfully it did need a little help.

The pink room. Pink carpet. Pink walls. Pink balloon wallpaper border. Funny thing is the girls got the blue room! 

Oh, those poor boys.

Well, not that the little one minded so much….. but when you're 13 a pink balloon room is not so great… the Eldest was certainly quite happy ripping out the carpet….. and tearing the border down….

Joe had some drywall repairs and away went the intercom. A nice new wood door was put in and the walls were painted green. The flooring is nearly installed…. just the closet has to be finished. That will get done this weekend and then the remodeling of the closet…. we're thinking a bookshelf down the middle, a desk on one side and two clothes hanging rods on the other side. Also a nice new fan that actually works…. so many more little things to do….. but it's coming along very nicely.

And right now all four kids are all bunking in the girl's room….. I'd share a picture of all the beds…. but with that comes a whole lot of mess! It's a big room…. I keep asking if they could all stay in there and let me have the pretty little green room as my sewing studio…. so far it's a no go…. but they might have a change of heart!

And now on to some fun remodel photos……..









I will *hopefully* be posting finished pictures by the end of the month.

Hope your day is a good one~      


16 thoughts on “WIP – The Remodeling Continues…..

  1. 🙂 I can’t wait to decorate in here!! I’ve got a cool old wooden prop to hang up…. a real one… my dad found it at a yardsale when he was 12. AND we found to framed topo maps in the attic here…. I have this whole vintage explorer idea in my head… hope it works out!! Thankfully the boys just say “sure whatever mom…. go ahead!” Fun fun fun 🙂


  2. Can you tell where the color inspiration came from? The green bus! We painted it on and looked at each other and started to laugh! It does look really nice with the wood and white trim though….. far better then the pastel pink!


  3. I was thinking about it. Why do people have wood floors all throughout the house except for the bedroom? I know it can get cold but I would just use a rug. The room is wear I would love it to be allergy free and clean!


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