Monday Bites ~ Baked Potato Night

Ahhh yes, baked Potato night.

Any meal where the kids get to add what they want…… how they want…… is a favorite.

And to be completely honest……. they love bacon.

Seeing as we buy good quality organic nitrate free bacon that costs a small fortune….. it's a rare treat around here! Usually cooked & crumbled to sprinkle over a black bean soup or on top of potatoes. What a treat.

We serve our taters around here with lots of green veggies and cheese and sometimes sour cream. All that green stuff makes for a pretty well rounded meal….. and easy to make vegetarian by skipping those yummy smokey bacony morsels….

Here's to an easy and definitely yummy dinner 😉


baked potato night 


the fixin's

**Bake 2 medium potatoes per person, leftovers can be used in many things. I roll mine up in foil and bake them at 375-400 for about half an hour.**

Roast up some broccoli, asparagus or whatever else you want.

Grate some cheese.

Dice up some green onions.

Cook up some bacon and crumble it up.

Set the butter, salt & pepper out.  Sour cream too.


This is our idea of fast food. Clean up is easy too.



7 thoughts on “Monday Bites ~ Baked Potato Night

  1. We love baked potato night too. It’s so easy and yummy. Like you said, the kids have complete artistic freedom. Usually, heavy on the good bacon too 🙂 Your pictures look like they could come right out of my home. Happy Monday Stephinie! xo Kyndale


  2. Glad mine are not the only bacon lovers out there! It certainly is a great dinner…. this week we’re hoping to eat our dinner on the patio… it’s warming up! And there is just something so *good* about eating outside 🙂


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