A year of Lovely Things

I've really been meaning to post this for quite some time. 

A goal of one lovely thing each week. Something to add beauty, balance or inspiration to my life. 

52 things. 

Thank you to Perches for the inspiration.

Every now and then I'll share it  and add a link if I blogged about something or just make the item bold if I got it done.

Here's to being inspired 🙂

Now…. on to the list.


A Year of Lovely Things

spin some yarn  |  tie dye  |  grow food in our backyard  |  journal  |  compost

bake a cheesecake | build gardens for the kids | make a chalk mural 

eat local   practice yoga & meditation regularly   make our own wine 

send handwritten notes to loved ones  |  start a business

knit a pair of socks  |  read my camera manual  |  felt something (on purpose)

try something new  |  dye some yarn   make a beautiful piece of pottery

make marmalade jam from the satsuma tree in my backyard and eat it on toast 

while reading Paddington Bear to my kids  |  organize our pictures 

create a daily rhythm for our family  |  go camping  |  visit friends

knit for charity  |  teach my kids to sew  |  pick berries

donate to charity  |  knit Luke a hat  |  get off the computer

fuel a dream  |  knit with my handspun yarn  |  teach my kids to knit

laugh often  |  knit myself a sweater  |  play in the rain  |  visit the ocean

knit Jade a hat  |  read more  |  sew Sophia a dress  |  start a family game night

take an organic gardening class  |  see a music concert with my family

organize my studio/craft area  |  knit Joe a hat  |  paint something

write a poem  |  sew clothing for myself  |  keep a budget  |  make a quilt

embrace this moment  |  have a completely handmade holiday


Phew! 52 things is an awful lot! And I'm a bit behind on getting one thing a week done, so I guess I'd better get off of here and go do something.


Happy Weekending Folks 🙂


14 thoughts on “A year of Lovely Things

  1. Thank you for sharing this list! It is so good to see what you year might look like. I need to post my list as well, perhaps for Sunday Serenity.
    Have a great weekend


  2. Definitely not 🙂 And if you’ve done something lovely this year – for example, knit a gorgeous sweater – you could add it to the list AND cross it off 🙂 Happy list making!


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