WIP & Wednesdays with the Little Guy

I haven't posted a WIP in forever…… so here is what I am working on….. 


squirrel bag 


gnome explorer bag

3 out of 4 kids have one of these in my house and I put a few in the shop too! It's a Little Explorer Bag for our nature walks. The over the shoulder style ensures it stays on and they can put their little treasures into it as they run around. Mr Three has informed me he does not want the gnome one. He wants one to match his blanket. So I guess I'll be doing a little bus one next. Who knew a three year old could be so particular?


And a personal WIP is a little promise I made to myself last week. The older three kids have started going to a homeschool art class on Wednesdays from 2-4. It's this great "free" art time. They can work on whatever they want….. very, very fun for all of them. But Mr. Three is not yet old enough. So I *promised* myself that I would use this as just mama & Mr. Three time. Even though I could clean, or sew, or start dinner, or something……. I will seize this rare little snippet of time to be just with him. To do just what he wants. 


bayou boy

sunny cheeks

Which usually means chasing him around outside while he goes "hunting" for things. 

I just follow his lead……




and revel in the quiet beauty of this little boy.

Yes, he really is quiet when it is just him. Lost in his own imagination. 

It's good stuff. 

Beautiful Stuff.

And far too fleeting…. yes…. far to fleeting.


22 thoughts on “WIP & Wednesdays with the Little Guy

  1. Love the bags and the quilts, everything in your shop really 🙂 Mr. Three looks like such a sweet wee one! It must be really nice to have some quality time with him. And guess what! I finally started a project on Saturday with the yarn you sent and just finished it! Will send a pic or two via email when I get the chance 🙂


  2. Very cute bags! I love alone time with my boy too, even though I only have him, I find that just going on an outing (like we did today) is so good for our relationship.
    Pretty pictures.


  3. I’m telling you, that alone time with the kids, it is just so rejuvinating for the relationship! I am happily having one “alone day” each week right now with each of my kids. it is heavenly and I am trying to make the most of it. My little man and I have been on lots of adventures lately. I need to do a better job with my time with the baby though. I tend to (like you mentioned) think of it as an opportunity to get stuff done around the house. She’s not as demanding as the 4 year old you see…


  4. I have to stop reading these at work since they make my eyes water! Anyway, I can’t wait to have my own special day just with Mr. Three this summer. Please give him an extra big hug from me…


  5. That gnome bag is so adorable! I love everything about this. I have made a few explorer bags for my little ones recently, but they do not compare to the beauty of yours. So wonderful


  6. I quite agree…. challenging though with four….. but those moments are certainly memories to last 🙂 Good luck with remembering to “be in the moment” with the wee babe…… it so much harder then we think 🙂


  7. Thank you! Too bad it ended up in the shop since it was vetoed by Mr Three! Such a funny guy he is….. sewing up a camper one for him this weekend…. he is in love with daddy’s bus you see 🙂


  8. 🙂 And you know….. we’re in Louisiana and she is in Alaska….. so it is an awfully long ways away…… that is exactly why I started this blog 🙂
    p.s. thanks for the bag compliments 🙂


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