I'm sitting here.

Enjoying a perfect cup coffee.

Admiring the morning sun rays shining through the windows. 

Before the full force of this day hits. 

A yucky little uninvited tummy bug is making its way through the family.

Right now 2 have had it, 3 do have it, 

and the eldest is smugly thinking he's immune.

I think the cure is to only drink tea and emergen-C for 24 hours and rest…….

I guess I've got a lot of tea making and instant netflix viewing ahead of me today.

I figure if we watch some classics like Singing in the Rain it counts as school to šŸ™‚


Be well my friends. 

See you next week.


16 thoughts on “ick

  1. perfection I tell ya! and followed by the gnomemobile…. we’ve been singing the song all week “in the gnome mobile in the gnome mobile… riding along in the gnome mobile”……
    oh my, we are a strange bunch aren’t we ?


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